Key Features

ZENseat – The ideal meditation chair for kneeling meditation position
Make your own adjustment for peaceful and painless meditation

Self-adjust the meditation chair height for personalized comfortable sitting

Customize the meditation cushion softness and create a painless meditation experience.
The meditation cushion is made of s.k 40 foam with pure cotton covering in 3 colors

Fold the meditation cushion.
Folds easily to carry anywhere

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About Zen seat

transcendent atmosphere

Transcendent Atmosphere

ZENseat Meditation Chair is designed for long and peaceful meditation in a calm environment, such as a meditation center, outdoors or at the comfort of your own home.
Sitting Seiza position on the ZENseat Meditation Chair while placing an art or religious item and lighting incense, creates the perfect and transcendent atmosphere for meditation. It soothes the mind and generates a feeling of purity.
The ZENseat Meditation Chair is perfect for sole meditation as well as for meditation groups. The ZENseat Meditation Chair is foldable and can be carried easily using a specially designed carrier bag. It can be used alone or in groups anywhere.

painless Meditation

Painless Meditation

By sitting correctly on the ZENseat Meditation Chair, you will experience a harmony of your body, your breathing, your mind and a peaceful sense of stability and serenity. The The Seiza sitting position on the ZENseat Meditation Chair enables you to breathe deeply and naturally, An essential element for releasing the body and mind.
Seiza Kneeling on the ZENseat Meditation Chair enables you to rest your weight on the seat, on your knees and on the back of your foot. Thus creating a sturdy triangular support and freeing your upper body from unnecessary effort , strain and tension.

Harmony Of Your Body

Harmony Of Your Body

ZENseat Meditation Chair heightens your waist and upper body so it rests effortlessly while kneeling. In this posture, the waist leans forward and the spine is upright. When the spine is aligned naturally, your back, shoulders, neck and head sit in a free position that allows long and painless meditation. With ZENseat Meditation Chair you can sit in a comfortable Seiza meditation position without the necessity of special flexibility. Even the smallest adjustment of the seat height will affect the comfort of the user. The ZENseat Bench is designed with a special slope that transfers most of the weight from the back to your legs, thus releasing the tension from your back for maximal comfort. Inflating or deflating the Meditation cushion and adjusting its softness prevents common top of the foot pain.

Get the perfect meditation sitting without special body flexibility


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